The Perfect Price Estates

The Perfect Price is now extending their pricing and selling expertise and passion into estate sales.

This came from personal experience, as we recently had a loved one pass. We didn’t have a trusted partner to assess the value of her belongings that made it best for us and our family. Simply getting in contact with an estate seller was a hassle, and properly assessing the value of the items in her home was a chore.

We decided to make it as easy as possible for those who’ve lost a loved one to not have to worry about the liquidation process within their home.

What we offer:

  • A free consultation with the family / estate owners
  • Value assessment from every part of the home
  • Entire set-up of sale
  • Provide the best assessment of each item in the house to get the most out of your loved ones belongings
  • Itemized copy of sold items, value and total compensation for estate
  • A post estate assessment and overview of sale
  • Marketing and advertising available
  • Post sale clean up, off-site sales are an option as well
  • Living estates, garages, barns, antiques, any property value we offer